The Campaign for Maine's Commmunity Colleges

The Foundation for Maine's Community Colleges launched a comprehensive campaign in 2010 that sought to raise a minimum of $10 million to support the continued growth of the state's seven community colleges. In all, the campaign raised $11.3 million.

To date, the Foundation has raised a total of $26 million to expand educational access and academic programs, strengthen student support services, and upgrade instructional equipment and technology.

The first phase of the Campaign is supporting the following priorities. Read more about the Foundation's current priorities and needs:

Equipment and Technology: Simply replacing the colleges' equipment and technology every 5 to 7 years would cost an estimated $6-$8 million per year. See the following lists of equipment needs by program: Academic Programs: Some 85 programs at the colleges are at or near capacity. Many of them need to be expanded. Read more.

Capital Upgrades: Accommodating more students at the seven colleges will require millions of dollars in capital projects. Read more.

Student Support: When Maine adults without a college degree were asked what prevented them from seeking a degree, more than two-thirds cited the "cost of college." Read more.

Unrestricted Gifts: Generous unrestricted gifts will enable the Foundation to support projects in all four of the priority areas. Read more.