Building Maine’s Future

Maine’s community colleges are an economic lifeline, providing individuals and businesses with the skills they need to compete and prosper in a changing world.  Strategic investments to support student success, expand educational access and programming, and improve operational efficiencies will ensure that Maine’s community colleges are able to achieve their promise.

How to support the community colleges’ key priorities:

Student Success

Gifts in support of initiatives to improve student success make it possible for more Maine people to achieve their dream of a college degree. In the process, these gifts are helping to build a more highly credentialed and skilled Maine workforce.

Capital Investments to Support Increased Access

Maine’s community colleges have grown dramatically over the past decade, but few resources have been available to expand and upgrade facilities, slowing growth and the ability of the colleges to serve more students or expand programming. Capital gifts are helping to add and renovate laboratory and classroom space in order to increase access to a high quality and affordable education for Maine people.

Technology for High Wage/High Demand Jobs

Gifts supporting instructional technology and equipment allow the colleges to keep pace with rapid technological change. This is especially true in Maine’s high wage/high demand jobs such as integrated manufacturing, health professions, and information technology.

Learn more about ways to give to help Maine’s community college.