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    Investments in
    New Academic Programs
    We’ve seen a reduction in the number of patients who call an ambulance. We can help improve residents’ health and reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital.
    Adrian Stone, NMCC
    Community Paramedicine
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    Investments in
    Student Success
    Accelerate ME not only changed my life, it also helped me show my children that if you work hard and apply yourself anything is possible.
    Connie DiSanto, YCCC
    Medical Assisting
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    Expanding Access
    Through Capital Investments
    I can think of no better exposure, no better way to get my name out in the industry, than my work in the Maine Composites Alliance lab at SMCC.
    Drew Sfirri, SMCC
    Composite Technology
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    Maine’s community colleges are critical to our ability to build a more prosperous future—for thousands of students and for our state as a whole
    John R. McKernan
    Former Maine Governor and the Chair of The Foundation’s Board

About the MCCS

The Maine Community College System is Maine’s comprehensive two-year public college system—dedicated to offering an affordable and accessible college education and building a quality workforce for Maine.


About the Foundation

The Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges is dedicated to ensuring that the state’s seven community colleges have the resources they need to provide a high quality, affordable, and accessible college education for Maine people.

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The Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges
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